Q8-Link Business Corp. (KUWAIT) - Business link Commercial Est. (Abu Dhabi - UAE)

Business Link Commercial Brokers Est.- UAE

مؤسسة بزنس لينك للوساطة التجارية


From the heart of the desert in the Middle East to the industrial world, Q8-Link Business Corp. (Kuwait) & Business Link Commercial Brokers Est. (Abu Dhabi) provide unlimited business opportunities to create, grow, and develop strategic partnership with business owners, companies and individuals. We aim to connect with innovative companies that seek to break down barriers and transcend borders.

Business owners always looking to enter new markets and no better place than the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to increase their global presence. We have a network of selected professionals and experts who know what to do and where to go in multiple regions across the world. We choose our clients and the destinations carefully. And we won't accept anything less than success.

Our business strategy for 2017/2018 includes our general outlook and a rundown of the key industries. This is our vision of where we are today and what is our service.

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Munaa AlFazea
    General Director